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Completed in June, 2005
The DJ station computer is in happy use by the community

 The DJ Station computer
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The current idea is to buy an eMac and mount it permanently at the DJ table. Everyone will have their own user account, and the music will all be in a global read area ... so people can import other people playlists, export their own for the group, and play music from the same pool. That way, it will be easy for anyone to train to be a DJ, and there will be lots of fall back options.Greg BJune 20, 2005
The eMac we need (big disk, wireless card for CDDB lookup) will be $1,100. The Tango Center doesn't have this kind of money. What should we do? Suggestions & ranking below. Then make a commitment.Greg BJune 20, 2005
couldn't a less expensive machine, with upgraded disk drive, suffice?demetrius
Configure the DJ user accounts.Greg Bwhen the machine comes
$20Rebecca OswaldJune 25I.O.U.

way to fund the DJ station score
Fundraiser at the front table over the next two weekends. We keep a running total of how we're doing.30
Hold extra milongas as fundraisers.23
Hold DJ & Tango music classes as fundraisers.18
Ask people to buy pre-paid milonga tickets ... $20 for 5 milongas.15
Ask people to buy all the CD's & DVD's at the front desk they can. All will go into the DJ station fund.10
Get contributions & pledges from this group & e-tango.10
Find business sponsors. Put logo on eMac.7
accompaning sale of baked goods, drinks, and shoe polishings at the front table0
If it smells good they will buy it0

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