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 May / June 2006 -- Ceiling, electrical, lighting, ventilation
Worksheets for the Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
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Calls, bids, work

TCO order
The city has ordered the Tango Center to call for inspections and receive a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy by May 28, 2006
Install permanent lighting & electrical conduit

The leftover HVAC (cardboard & sheetmetal, everywhere) & hung-celing framework (in the lounge) needs to be demolished to patch the ceiling holes so the sprinkler system can function.

But all of our lights hand on this old HVAC framework. So we need to install permanent lighting first.

1. "House lights", installed everywhere for egress.
2. "battery back-up lights", which go on when the power goes off.
3. Dimmable lights in sections, over the floor
4. Conduit to the DJ station & the Front desk.
Remove temporary lighting & electrical

Demolish hung ceiling in lounge, and leftover HVAC everywhere.

Obvisouly this needs to be done with some care about the floor and other delicate items, as well as the hung speaker system, and with an eye towards reducing the amount of clean-up required afterwards.
Patch ceiling

Combination of plaster and 1/4" drywall over the lath.

Rated doors on the storage rooms to the east exit.

Lighting in the east exit hallway.

Lightbulbs in exit signs.

Replace door hardware on East exit doors.

Make sure west exit door isn't stuck.

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