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 Tuesday BAilonga
Beginning Tuesday, January 10th, the Tango Center will start a Benefit Alternative milonga = BAilonga, which will benefit various causes, community organizations and initiatives. I will be DJing a fusion mix of alternative, nuevo and traditional tango music (roughly 1/3 each). The milonga will be preceded by a one hour "Rotation Practica": dance, critique, rotate, repeat

Hope to see you there! ~Demetrius

Our first benefit cause will be our beloved tangueras Olga and Rebecca, who are in Buenos Aires, and need some funds to stay there, soaking up the tango sauce. How selfless can we be!?

Rotation Practica/Beginning Class: 8:00pm
Milonga: 9:00pm
$5-10 sliding scale

(The picture above is one of Olga's, a recent shot from Buenos Aires. CLick on it to see more!)

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tuesday benefit voluteers
please volunteer for one hour shift. thanks!
Front DeskJanuary 108-11pm1hourfront desk

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