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 One-song tango theatre
Skits, with original stories, expressed in tango.
[A quick performance to spice up a milonga.]
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A scratchpad for one-song tango skits. The audience is a milonga crowd.
La trampera

This amazing milonga, which most people know from the recording by Canaro's Quinteto Pirincho, is translated at "The Trapper", according to this translator.

Once this word is in your head, you can't listen to the milonga without picturing a cartoon trapper endlessly putting out traps unsuccessfully, with cartoon animals playing tricks on him, taking his bait, folling him into trapping himself.

I imagine someone plays the trapper, and someone else plays the animal -- vaguely like the modern rivalry of the "roadrunner & coyote", which is itself based on fables thousands of years old -- and then a handful of follows play the traps.

The trapper milongas his way onto the floor, taking with him his traps. He sets the traps out, dancing with them a little bit, setting the bait, and placing them. The animal, follows him, two traps back, springs the trap, dances with the trap, and then sets it at a different 'angle'. When the trapper checks his traps (perhaps after a nap) he walks into them himself ... he eventually figures out what happens, and sets a more complex trap (represented by a more complex dance) ... the animal of course, with a little more work, figures this out. Finally the trapper turns the traps into "kinetic" traps, constantly moving. This freaks the animal out, but he figures out a way to lead the kinetic traps around, leads them all into an open circle, finds the trapper, who sees the animal, starts to chase the animal, and then runs after the animal. Who of course leads the trapper into the circle of kinetic traps, where the song ends.

December 26, 2005 6:20 PM   greg

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