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 Weekend Milonga DJ team
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Goals & Criteria
Retaining the Intro students

We want to keep our brand-new dancers, from the 8pm classes, dancing for as long as possible. Usually the first 4 tandas or so need to keep them in mind.
Golden Age & Modern

Because we need each milonga's income to pay rent on the Tango Center, we try to make a mix that will please the current crowd. Strictly Golden Age DJ-ing (e.g. Robert Hauk) was starting to lose a little audience. Mostly modern DJ-ing has a smaller, but dedicated, audience.

Consequently, the weekend milongas range from about 75% to 100% Golden Age (1930-1960: Di Sarli, D'Arienzo, Canaro, De Angelis, Calo, Tanturi, D'Agostino, Rodriguez, Donato, Troilo, Biagi, Firpo, OTV, Pugliese, De Caro, Fresedo, etc.).

If there's live music, it should be early, and it generally counts as Modern. Otherwise, Modern is Nuevo: (Tango-inspired music such as Gotan, NarcoTango, Bailongo, Tanghetto, etc), Alternative: (Llhasa, Tom Waits, whoever) or Modern Tango Covers (Villasboas, Color Tango, Lalo Schifrin, San Souci, etc)

The first online music survey can be found here.
Your best stuff

It's important only to play music you know is danceable. The weekend milongas are not good for raw experimention ... problems can significantly effect the Tango Center's revenue.
Indicate Intro & co-op availability

If you'd like to help DJ the Intro lesson, indicate this by selecting 8pm when you add an event.

If you'd like to DJ as a team member, or are available to, please write this in the description when you sign up.

Availability calendar

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