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At the Tango Center
Eugene, Oregon
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Claudio Mendez

One of Argentina's top pianists, a protege of Astor Piazolla, Claudio has played for dancers and listeners in just about every venue in Buenos Aires. Of the Tango Center, he said:

"the sound is really good -- very alive for the musicians and the dancers. probably good to leave it alone."
Glenn Schoonmaker

A musician and former sound quality engineer at DigiDesign, Glenn feels the place is very dynamic to perform in ... "kind of like a canyon. when it's full of people, it's like playing a stadium." Not a refined, concert-hall experience, and not particularly good for recordings. There's a lot of reverb, but, luckily, it fades away before it echoes, so it's not disturbing. It's probably best to have the musicians away from a wall, unless they need the amplification. The proximity to the floor is unique, and fantastic ... the floor acts as a big drum-head. "I wouldn't mess with acoustics there. It would be hard to improve it."
TJ Tollefson

Professional sound and lighting designer for theatres, movies, concerts etc.

"It would probably cost $10,000 to even make a noticeable change in the acoustics."
Chris Newman

Three-time Oscar-winning sound designer ("Klute", "The Godfather", etc.) Held a day-long sound workshop at the Tango Center ("probably the best workshop I've ever done.")

"Like lots of real places, it's very challenging to mike people, in a space like this ... but that makes it great for a sound workshop. Acoustics are lively, like a dancehall. Not like a soundstage. Not like a sound studio."
Dan Schmidt

Award-winning musician, founding member of "Mood Area 52" and "Cherry Popping Daddies"

"It's the best venue in town, for musicians ... it lets the music lift, just the right amount, so you feel like you're playting in a big space. And yet it bounces back at you so softly ... And you can feel the floor in front of you too. Really wonderful."

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