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Live Music every Tuesday Night
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Current schedule

January 2008

Jan 1st
DJ ~ Christopher

Jan 8th
Musicians ~ Los Bandidos del Tango
Instruments ~ Guitar, Viola, bass, Vocals, piano, Mandolin and clarinet
DJ ~ Charles and Elizabeth W.

Jan 15th
Musicians~ Craig Einhorn
Instruments~ guitar
DJ~ ??

Jan 22nd
Musicians ~ David's Band
Instruments ~
DJ ~ ??

Sound: David, Greg, Charles, Travis and Liz

General volunteer for the front desk
If you volunteer you can get in for free!! 8:40 - 9:40 is covered, but I would love for some more help : ) Just tell me the time you would like to do it.
I'll do it

if you want

November 27, 2006 9:59 PM   liz_foster

Whant to Play Music?
If you would like to ever play live music at a milonga, just let me know and i'll check you out.

What about DJing?
The event is an alternative event but should include some tradtional music aswell. I like to think a nice mix so that everyone is happy.

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