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Weekend Milonga Intro Classes
Sign-up. Discuss.
Visiting Instructors
Event proposals
Tango Center Milongas
Welcoming committee
A group dedicated to making the weekend milongas satisfying for all regular, visiting & new dancers
Schedule filling
Suggestions for filling in the blanks in the schedule
Schedule bucket
Post stuff you want on the schedule here.
Eugene gatherings
Non-tango events. Although, there always may be tango involved ... :-)

Tango Center

The calendar is now on the front page

Event team
Talent coordination: Greg, Rebecca
Instruction & guests:Rebecca, Andrew, Marisela, Ev, Vicky
DJ'd music: Jeff, Greg, Evan, Rick
Live music: Evan, Rebecca O, Craig
Front desk. Opening/closing: Yifang, Kathryn
Site management: Rhonda

Event tasks
General evening template

1. Instruction
2. Dj's
3. Live music
4. Performers
5. Chacarera
6. Celebrations
DJ'd music

See DJ Team page

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