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 General occupancy priorities
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Fire system checkmake sure the horns, strobes, smoke detectors & battery back-up lights all workRhonda supervising; Troy of securetech does workJune 24, 2005Done.
Raise sprinklersThe sprinklers will be raised to the ceiling. This must be done without leaking onto the surfaces below, or damaging anything, or interfereing with schedule.Rhonda supervisingDone
Exit path battery backup installationThese are on the blueprints in the office. It requires (perhaps only one) electrical circuit, and the installation of several fixtures. Replace existing battery backup & exit signs.Rhonda supervising. Builder's electric doing the work.Make appointment with builder's electric.
Permanent lightingTo exactly replace the temporary fixtures we have.Rhonda supervising. Builder's electric.Make appointment with builder's electric.
Permanent circuits. Eliminate extension cordage.Without damaging existing systems.Rhonda supervising. Builder's electric.Make appointment.
Fix holes above sprinkler heads.The sprinklers do not work unless the heat can be trapped against the ceiling. If there are holes around the sprinklers, it's impossible.

Note that Omlid & Swinney should fix this as part of the sprinkler quote.

Rhonda supervising some fast carpenters? Omlid & Swinney?
We will not call for inspections until all of the above is done.

March 23, 2006 1:26 AM   greg

How are compliance measures progressing? Where does the TC stand on the above?

April 20, 2006 1:24 PM   andrewm

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