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 Opening / closing checklist
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Turn on, plug in:
1. dimmers on DJ table
2. power strip on west wall
3. decorative lights on east wall
4. decorative lights in lounge & boudoir
5. Hallway light for west bathrooms
6. Holiday lights for east bathrooms
7. East bathroom men's room light on.
Climate control

1. lower left on "auto", unless you just want the fan (in which case, make sure there's no heat or AC).

2. Hot and cold thermostat on top. Put to extreme left and extreme right if you want no climate change.

3. Lower right -- cool for AC and heat for heat. Otherwise off.
Check restrooms

Check for problems, mess. TP & paper towel in office, south wall.

Make sure water bottle on water cooler. If completely empty, punch through cap on a new bottle.

Make sure there are cups. In office, south wall.

Keep office locked throughout your event
Front desk

Keep people at front desk during events.
Watch the door during classes.
Keep the door locked if it's just a practice.

Keep the lid closed.

Watch to make sure no drinks, or anything else, are on the piano.
Noise from Blue Luna

If the base gets too audible, go next door, ask for Lisa (the owner). If she's not there, ask them to turn down the base a specific percentage. Invite them to come listen -- they have new sound people there all the time.


Turn off and unplug all lights
Climate control

Turn off.
Clean up

Cups & napkins etc. in garbage. Push in chairs. Clean up messes.
Security check

Make sure back exit doors are secure.
Make sure upstairs and fire exit rooms are blocked (no stow-aways).
Make sure no one is in bathrooms.

Lock the door on your way out.

Suggestions, notes, FYI's etc. Feel free to add something.

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