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 Eugene Film Festival
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Only day where festival events are at the Tango Center
May 12th
Tango Center
Check in & Orientation

Tango Center
Kick Off & Mayor's Welcome

Disperse or stay No-host Ritta's Burritos

Tango Center
Introduction to Tango from zero

Tango Center
Tango Social Dancing

EFF press releases
EUGENE, OREGON: this coming Mother's Day weekend, May 12-14, 2006, the first-ever Eugene Film Festival debuts at seven sites in our unique town.

See the video

For only $35 (senior/student $30), you get a Kick-Off Reception at the Tango Center, three days of films selected from over 300 entries world-wide, free bus transit all weekend and workshops and presentations from award-winning (Oscar level) film industry professionals...think "Battlestar Glactica," "The Mask," "Murder, She Wrote," "Pollock," "The English Patient," "Amadeus" and much, much more!

Can't come for the whole event: Fri from 4pm to Sun 6pm? But need an idea for Mom this Mother's Day? Treat her to "Hollywood" at the EFF's Filmmaker Awards Finale at the Valley River Inn! Sumptuous food and entertainment that Sunday, May 14th, 3:30-6:30pm, only $15!

Festival Passes on sale now (Single Event Tickets sell at-the-door, day-of only). To purchase, go to or visit the Eugene Bi-Mart stores or the Hult Center Box Office.

"Free the Mothers!"
Tag line from Susan Emshwiller's movie
"In the Land of Milk and Money"
A Eugene Film Festival special feature!

Kaethlyn Elliott, Director

elkasa at comcast dot net

April 8, 2006 7:30 PM   kaethlyn

8pm-9pm Introduction to Tango from Zero (different teacher)
9pm - 1am Tango Social Dancing

Comments, ideas
Tango films

Sell local Tango films
Show Tango Films on back walls during this weekend.

March 8, 2006 5:32 PM   greg
Local Tango Cinema

Who's interested in making a Tango movie (fictional) in Eugene & the TC?

March 8, 2006 5:33 PM   greg

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